1:1 Mentorship

Supporting your daily practice

The 1:1 Mentorship Programme

The mentorship programme is about integration.

Having a daily practice that is right for you is the basis of everything. With the support of a yoga teacher and friend, we can navigate through life more skillfully.

When we integrate a daily practice into our lives, other people start to notice subtle changes and want to learn about it for themselves. And in turn, because we love it so much, we want to share it!

So to support that, we support you.

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How does it work?

We have 1-2 online sessions a week where we work towards a goal that is important to you. This could be learning about teaching, the teaching principles, going deeper into the breath, exploring philosophies, asana, general life support, natural living advice, relationship queries... whatever arises.

Our mentorship opportunity allows you to feel supported towards your goals, sharing teachings, stories and experiences. Plus we get to hang out every week!

The mentorship lasts for as long as you need, and if you are working towards teaching yoga yourself, the support will continue until you are ready. The programme is fluid and works directly with you. It is a natural progression from participation in the 40 day Immersion and allows you to continue, fully supported, in your journey.

Cost: £200/month

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What can I expect?