Empowering yourself

What is Numerology?

Numerology is based on 5,000 years of experience and research. Although it's important to accept that Numerology is not an exact science, it is an empowering way to identify and label some of the more visible aspects of ourselves, as we are incredibly complex human beings.

Through discussion, Numerology is a valuable technique to help bring understanding and acceptance to yourself in the present moment. A Numerology reading uses the numbers to shine light on parts of yourself that may be bringing internal conflicts, or be creating confusion within yourself when interacting with the world. Through understanding your personal numbers, you can begin to create a sense of acceptance and kindness towards yourself, cultivating the courage to simply be you.

Receiving a Numerology reading can empower you to accept all parts of yourself as they, enabling you move fluidly as you change from day to day.

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How does it work?

Together with numerologist Ana, you will discover your personal numbers that can reveal how you interact with your external and internal world. We will look at how they interact with each other, how you feel them, and most importantly, we show you how to work with them.

A Numerology reading will take about 1 hour, sometimes a bit longer depending on discussion. We will meet either in person, or online using WhatsApp, Zoom or Facebook messenger - whatever is easiest for you.

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What can I expect?