About Us

The Intimacy Project is a collaboration between Ana Eveleigh and David Hirtenstein.

We have created a unique way of working to help individuals create their own personal life support system, maintained by a daily yoga practice that brings harmony and balance to their lives.

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Through 1:1 support, we are there with you.

Drawing upon our own experiences and trainings in yoga, pranayama and breath work, meditation, Qi-Gong, energy work, nutrition and Ayurvedic medicine, we look at how each individual can implement positive change in a practical and realistic way.

We all want to live a balanced, harmonious and caring life, that's good for ourselves, and good for others.

But let's face it, life happens. Busy work schedules, the needs of others. Relationships in all their beautiful (and sometimes unbeautiful) details.

It's so easy to talk, listen and agree. However, it's a whole other matter to actually implement and make a lasting change that moves us beyond the habitual patterns that constantly cause distress and disharmony in our lives.

The fact is, we are all here, living and breathing together, and we are born to embrace our lives, and express the beautiful uniqueness that is within each of us.

Habitual patterns (samskara), labels, fear, judgement and criticism: they are all just symptoms of learned behaviour that we have developed in our lives.

But it doesn't have to be that way. That's why we created The Intimacy Project

"Breathe In; Inspire Yourself"

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After meeting and working with people all across the world, we recognised many similarities that human beings across the planet can agree on:

A balanced, healthy & natural life is a good thing.

Work/life balance is a difficult thing to achieve.

Most of us have a real need to build confidence and trust, in ourselves and the world around us.

Stress and worry are a recurring theme, whether in fast-paced office jobs, parents balancing work & life, restaurant & trade workers, or consider ourselves to be alternative and living in a different way to the societal norm.

We all want to increase energy & focus in our lives.

We all want to create a caring and supportive working and living environment.

Many people are seeking ways to relieve physical pain, and covering it up is not helping. We need to go to the root cause.

We all want to love, and be loved in return. Whether that is same sex, different sex, or through a beautiful and deep relationship with ourselves, animals and nature, it's the same for us all.

We created The Intimacy Project to help individuals develop a healthy, harmonious and caring life.