The Intimacy Project

Giving you the tools to live a healthy, harmonious and caring life

What is the Intimacy Project?

The Intimacy Project is a practical and personalised life support system, helping you develop and integrate a daily yoga practice into life. We provide 1:1 support for you to live a healthy, harmonious and caring life.

Breathe In; Inspire Yourself

picture of a man meditating high up in the mountains above the clouds

What do we offer?

Drawing upon our own experiences and trainings in yoga, pranayama and breath work, meditation, Qi-Gong, energy work, nutrition and Ayurvedic medicine, we offer a range of programmes and experiences from our bespoke 1:1 Mentorship to Corporate Wellness days.

If you can breathe, you can do yoga


a woman with her back to the camera holding a yoga pose during a beautiful sunset